About Me

 Hi, I am Alexia, an ambitious, adventurous lady with an innocent appearance. In everyday life and at work I have a lot of responsibility and I take it very seriously. But in my free moments I want to enjoy life and try out new things, and I prefer to work with someone. I am always in for adventure, excitement and relaxation are inextricably linked to me. I love in-depth conversations about different subjects, but I also think it's very nice to say nothing… And just enjoy each other. If you want a date that is both intellectual and sensual, go with me. You will soon see that behind my innocent occurrence lurks a naughty side…



For you and for me, boundaries are important. What can be. What might be possible and what is absolutely impossible. So boundaries are clear. And it becomes pleasant and cozy. If you have those limits, let them know.

Before I can do anything for you I have limits that make it safer for me and to your honest about what you can expect.

For this I ask you to make appointments only through WhatsApp, so that appointments are not misunderstood. Also, what we write, is between us and no one is looking at it. What is on SMS though.

I think it is important that I know who I should be and wants a self-your. Without a self, I don't make an appointment. I do not explicitly ask for a nude photograph. A normal portrait photo is adequate.

Furthermore, I never call. I only respond when I receive a message through WhatsApp. If you don't want to receive messages from me, please block my number or give it a try. If you put my number in your phone book, you can also receive statuses from me. If you don't want to do this, please remove me from your phonebook.

Furthermore, I do not provide services if your age is less than 25 years old. Should I do that, I will do that against my liking, which cannot be the intention. I do find it flattering to these young men. But I personally can't do anything with it. and ask for all the understanding.

If you call me and I'm busy, you may receive a SMS from me asking me to send me a Whatsapp message.

Age: 47Nati
onaliteit: NederlandseLoc
atie: Hellevoetsluis/Kerkrade Hai
r: Brown long Le
ngth: 1.68 cmPo
stuur: NormaalCu
pmaat: CFa
voriet Cuisine: Sushi MmmmPi
ercings and tattoos: NeeO
pleiding: VWOT
alen: Dutch, English, DuitsBors
ten: Natural Corpse
eye Color: Dark brown
Weight: 74 Kg
Kledingmaat 40-42

Short info: Intelligent, ambitious, girl next door.

Constellation Scale

Additional services: Massage, lesbian, threesome (V/F/m), Striptease, swingers club, private Sauna.

Sports: Fitness, Paardrijden
Hobby's and Interests: music, reading, culture, city trips, dance, musical, dining, Kok
enKledingstijl: Sporty, casual, Smart casual, dress de Ville, Cocktail, Black tie, Urban

Favorite Brand Lingerie: Victoria secret
Favoriete Liquor: Lambrusco, Pilsen beer
favorite perfume: DKNY Be Delicious

Idea for gift: Lingerie, shoes, jewelry, bags

Favourite places: Maastricht, Rotterdam

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