About your

As you can see, this site is an ordinary site in which no 18 + expressions are made. 18 + is my personal input into our escort or reception. Which makes me absolutely no 18 + sales.

What I do sell is social and intimate companionship. It is important that you, as a human being, receive appreciation and recognition for you as a person. Also within your intimacy experience. What you give and get. Appreciation and recognition. and rewarded with own values. Alexia Love, 47 J. 1.68 m 72kg If you have a need that you would like to share, it is not always easy to find a partner who wants to go along with it. You appreciate and acknowledge it.  What you need, to find it really nice, to share it. Rewarded and rewarded. to experience it. Together you and me. Do you like me, a very fancy cuddling and kissing. Delicious sports and each other delicious pamper. Appreciate, acknowledge and reward. Then call me. I can already receive you for half an hour, but to be honest. Don't want to hurry at all. I will ask you for our safety for a self-help after which we can agree. Escort or reception. And is you all that something too much, Metéén. We can also have lunch or dinner first. Or afterwards if you want to have a nice chat. I like to hear from you, Alexia😚🎈

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