Is received nothing for you, you would prefer to be received in a hotel or at your home. Escort is also possible for South Limburg. If you are interested, please call me for passing on your reservation. Or enter your reservation here.

I wish to be received in a room that is not shared with others. So you live together, but your partner is away for a while, then your reception location is not suitable.  If you live alone and you do not have roommates, reception is no problem at all.

For escort within a radius of 25 km I do not charge. If the travel distance is more than 25 km then I will inform you of the extra costs for the escort when making the appointment.

I will tell you what we can do and what not. I will ask you what you would like to do in the agreed time. My goal is always that you end our visit with a smile and satisfaction. And will remember that moment for a long time, as very pleasant.

If you are not sure if your fantasy can go with me, just ask me via whatsapp or by phone.

* 06 33 88 25 75

I only respond to phone calls with number display. I only make appointments per Whatsapp and only if I have received a self-your.

For escort rates, see this page.

I can come to you, however, I apply an age limit of 21 years. If you are under 21 years of age then I will not provide any service. If I am in doubt I can ask you for an ID proof. And charges may be charged if the escort cannot continue.

Before we talk to each other, I am happy to speak to you by using a name. So if I ask for your name. Please give a name. This should not be your real name. But it is the name I give you when we talk to each other and also when we meet.

I would like to make an escort appointment, how does that work?

First I want to ask you to call me. You my and I have heard your voice for a moment, then you may ask what my limits are.

I will then ask you to allow me a selfie of you. This can be e-mailed to, via the reservation form, via whatsapp to phone number 06 33 88 25 75 (as mobile users, you can press the green whatsapp button at the bottom left of this screen) and via the chat screen at the bottom right the screen . You've seen me for our date, that's what I want. I deal with this information very discreetly.

You can then pass on a time and coordinate with me at what time the escort can take place.  I therefore give you the costs that I receive at the beginning of our receipt of your wish.

No later than 1 hour before your desired appointment, I ask you to give me your address. I then give you a time where I think you are with you. When I leave, I give you the exact time.

I will be accompanied by a driver who is waiting for me a few streets further.  And place me within 100 meters of your reception location. If nothing is wrong, you will not see the driver either. Then you will notice that in the beginning I send a number of messages to my driver around the payment.  So that he knows that it is safe for me.

I like to hear from you………