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Rates listed below apply for last minute appointments. Can you book more than 48 hours in advance? Then ask for the early booking discount. Reservations are always requested before last minutes. You can cancel or move your reservation at any time.

* Rates Reception with me (private companionship)

Euro 150 for the first hour.

Euro 50 for each next half hour.

This fee for receipt at me in Kerkrade.

See how to make an appointment here.

* Rates Escort (private companionship) within 25km

For escort in 25km from Hellevoetsluis (Kerkrade) I don't ask for a surcharge. Minimum duration of the appointment is 1 hour.

First hour 150 euro, in 25km off Kekrade.

Every next half hour 50 euro.

* Rates Escort (private companionship) more than 25km.

On request.

The minimum duration of my private companionship is determined by the travel time to and from your address. With a minimum of 1 hour.
So the journey time is longer than 30 minutes to your location, the minimum time of our reception will be longer.  Ask for free of charge my costs for escort outside 25km from Hellevoetsluis (Kekrade).

For an escort appointment I always come under the guidance of my driver. He waits a few blocks away. I will be dropped off and picked up by him around the corner or a street.

* Packages Rates:

Breakfast Date (7:00 hours to 8:00 hours) or
Lunch Date (12:30 hours to 13:30 hours) or
Dinner Date (18:00 hours to 19:00 hours)

100 euro 

200 Euro. incl. 1 hour escort (private companionship).
250 euro incl. 1.5 hours escort (private companionship).

300 euro incl. 2 hours escort (private companionship).

The reception (private companionship) can take place after breakfast, lunch or dinner or before lunch or dinner.

These 3 dates can take place on all * B.L.D.-occasions, within Hellevoetsluis (Kerkrade). Or with an extra charge within 25 km of Hellevoetsluis (Kerkrade).

* B.L.D. = Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Beware!. For a B.L.D. Date or any other package I recommend to book 48 hours in advance..

* Social Companionship:

Like a B.L.D. Date it is possible to make use of me Social companionship Escort fare.

This means that we meet in a public occasion such as a restaurant or bar in the centre of Hellevoetsluis. For this I charge a rate of 100 euro per hour. With a Maximum of 1.5 hours. And if you book an escort at least 1 hour prior to or after that, you get 50 euro discount on the delivery fee. The public occasion must lie within Hellevoetsluis. In order to qualify for the discount, the Social companionship and reception must take place at Eengesloten.

The public occasion must lie within Hellevoetsluis.

100 euro = 1 hour Social Companionship 

200 euro = 1 hour Social companionship + 1 hour escort/reception. 

300 euro = 1 hour Social companionship + 2 hours escort/reception.

For social companionship or any other arrangement, I recommend to book 48 hours in advance.

I am 7d24u available for appointments. by telephone I am (if available) between 8:00h and 23:00h

* I can come to you, however, I apply an age limit of 21 years. If you are under 21 years of age then I will not provide any service. If I am in doubt I can ask you for an ID proof. And charges may be charged if the escort cannot continue.

Before we talk to each other, I am happy to speak to you by using a name. So if I ask for your name. Please give a name. This should not be your real name. But it is the name I give you when we talk to each other and also when we meet.