I may recommend an interesting reception location for private companions chip, near Kerkrade. If you want to know more, please call me at the number below.

* 06 33 88 25 75

* If I do not pick up immediately send a Whatsappje.

For reception at this location I ask no extra costs.

I make appointments only through WhatsApp. I need a self-help before I can make an appointment with you.

1 hour before I receive you will get an address from me that is within 5 minutes of my reception location. If you arrived at that location you can call me for the exact location. You can only enter the property discreetly. Do not come without appointment. You will not be received.


On the About Me page, you will find more information about me and my services.

For rates and other packages, I refer you to the Rates page.

If you are not receiving anything for you, I can send it to you.