Reception Kerkrade

Hi Stouterd,

Is * Escort nothing for you? Can't receive? Then I have a * reception option for you. I can receive you from 10:00 to 00:00h in Kerkrade. If available I am available outside of this time for * Escort and * Hotel reception.

Please call for availability to the number below.

For rates and conditions, I refer you to the tariffs page.

If you want to know how you can make an appointment for receipt with me, please read this page.

* * I do not seksting/chat. I do not wish to receive any nude pictures and I do not share photos either. Pictures can be seen on this site. There are also videos that you can watch on the site.

* I offer private Companionship and Social Companionship. I do not sell sex. You pay for the time I make your stay in private, or as a social companion. Sex is the reward within a social commitment. Commitments that give us the strength to develop our own values and esteem for ourselves. An essential need that contributes to our identity and our own values within a healthy life. 

Greetings, I like to hear from you 😘🎈